• Installed air filter cover
  • Installed forward trailer power plug
  • Installed door weather stripping
  • Installed windshield wipers
  • Connected batteries
  • Tested lights


  • Installed rear marker lights using stainless hardware
  • Installed front and rear reflectors
  • Installed cab door over travel stops
  • Finalized connection of air dryer
  • Wired reverse / brake lights
  • Removed jack stands
  • Torqued lug nuts (425-475 ft-lb)
  • Painted air filter cover
  • Painted forward towing power plug
Truck Configuration - 4pm 5/7/2017
Truck Configuration – 4pm 5/7/2017


  • Retrieved wiring for marker lights on cab
  • Soldered new positive connectors on all cab marker lights
  • Started body work on air filter cover
  • Soda blast cleaned:
    • Door weather stripping
    • Cab door over travel stops
    • Power steering reservoir band clamp
    • Pit pins
  • Inspected and cleaned wiper blade arms
  • Installed cab marker lights
Retrieved Cab Marker Light Wiring
Retrieved Cab Marker Light Wiring
Installed Cab Marker Lights
Installed Cab Marker Lights


  • Installed battery box cover
  • Installed driver side forward fender
  • Installed driver side ladder
  • Installed rubber grommets to fill oversized holes in cab exterior
  • Installed roof rack
New Fender Hardware
New Fender Hardware
Lifting Roof Rack
Lifting Roof Rack (Thanks for the help, Yuri!)
Vehicle Configuration 9pm May 2nd
Vehicle Configuration 9pm May 2nd