I’m a nature / wildlife photographer, nature lover, and I am formally trained as an engineer. I’ve always loved nature, wildlife, and travel. I have dedicated much of my time to the pursuit of exploration. I’m making my way to the corners of the world one little bit at a time.

I’m a certified welder, I’m a machinist, and I’m a mechanical aircraft design engineer. I have worked in the engineering field one way or another for the last 20 years. I have built several aircraft, restored military vehicles… basically, I’m set up to handle most reasonable build projects. For years, my wife and I have worked on one project after another. We treat each project like and adventure.



I’m a professional quilter, quilt designer, and blogger. My formal education and previous professional experience (10+ years) is as a hands-on aircraft design engineer. I look forward to putting on coveralls, grabbing a wrench, and getting dirty helping my husband on our personal projects.

My personal focus in life is a desire to be balanced through physical activity (I have a yearly standing goal to walk 5 miles a day), community, health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), and general coziness.


About The Project

We are interested in simple living, travel, mobility, and working together on projects. This project has multiple phases, and we are currently working on the first phase: chassis refurbishment for use as an expedition vehicle. In between phases, we plan to reevaluate the project and goals. We are really pleased with how the chassis is coming together.