Overland Update

Traveling and visiting new places has always been a big part of our lives together. We go through different trends from year to year between domestic and international travel. Over the years, we have enjoyed everything from guided international safaris to just backpacking near home.

We have often enjoyed the places that 4-wheel drive vehicles can take us. We realized recently that we have owned 8 different 4x4s.

We are regrouping a bit after finishing the LMTV refurbishment.  Our new expedition vehicle is a 1987 Mercedes Benz 435 U1300L chassis with a custom composite sandwich habitat module that was designed and built by us.

If you want to follow along, we have a new blog:


Wabi-Sabi Overland
Wabi-Sabi Overland

3 thoughts on “Overland Update

  1. How wonderful, Yvonne! When you announced that you had sold your previous project, I was so sorry that your plans had fallen through. I am so happy to hear that your project was just taking another, and hopefully, less demanding direction. (One that seems to be requiring a small swimming pool filled with battery acid! And what, exactly, is a sand ladder?) May 2018 be a year of joy, contentment, and meeting demands in a compassionate and self-caring way 🙂


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