You may have noticed that we have not posted for a while. A number of things have changed around here lately. Earlier in the month, we sold our freshly refurbished LMTV to Walt and Lauren (Grigsby Truck Company). We were sad to see the truck go, but we wanted to take the summer off and we really felt it was best to pass the truck on to someone that can pick up where we left off.

We still do plan on traveling a lot more in the future. The LMTV is an awesome platform, and we definitely recommend it for consideration to anyone looking to make an expedition vehicle. That being said, in the future we may opt for purchasing an existing camper just for project simplicity.

Ready to Ship
Ready to Ship
Ready to Ship
Ready to Ship

3 thoughts on “6/25/2017

  1. One final short drive, all systems checked, and away to new owners. I know how hard that must have been, (( but what a thrill for Walt and Lauren, to have seen this develop from the beginning.)), as with Hugh, he has sold a lot of his hunting and camping gear, almost everything has gone. But we, too, have realised changes had to be made, and slowly accepted them. For you both, so many wishes and positive thoughts each day, from down south in NZ.


  2. Prayers and best wishes to both of you. You did such an amazing job. Very sad to see this project come to an end. Best, best wishes to both of you!!!! Toby


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