• Installed Tires
    • Refurbished and powdercoated rims
    • Michelin XZLs
Installed Tires
Installed Tires

4 thoughts on “5/3/2017

  1. I was wondering what paint and paint-process/prep you did? Also, would you be able to email me? I have a LMTV and I am in the process of making an Overland truck. Thanks!


    1. We considered lots of different paint options, and surprisingly, decided on single part Rustoleum gloss enamel paint. It’s not as hard a paint as some of the other options, but we decided on it because it is very repairable in the field. We’ve used that specific color, Sail Blue, on projects for the last 20 years and it is a very consistent color. We want it to be nice, but fundamentally, it is a working truck so we decided that it didn’t have to be a perfect paint job.

      Frame paint prep:
      -Pressure washed with walnut shell and silica sand
      -Putty knife removed any loose paint
      -Wire brushed the whole surface
      -Hand sanded with 220 grit
      -Wiped down with 90% isopropyl alcohol
      -Blew off with compressed air
      -Primed area with raw metal

      Cab paint prep:
      -Pressure washed with water
      -Bondo / primer any small dents
      -Hand sanded with 220 and then 400 grit
      -Wiped down with xylene
      -Blew off with compressed air


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