• Removed run flat lubricant and washed tires
Removing Run Flat Lubricant
Removing Run Flat Lubricant
Washing Tires
Washing Tires

3 thoughts on “11/12/2016

    1. It really isn’t required to remove the run flat lubricant. We just thought that if we or a future owner wanted to run balance beads in the tire, it would be best if the tire wasn’t covered in sticky grease in random globs along the inside. It’s not really necessary, but we thought it was the easiest time to just take care of it. Also, the run flat lube is black and very sticky. It was all over the outside of the tires, so it was getting everywhere. Dish soap and water cuts it just fine. Nice and clean now.


      1. Based on your experience, does balanced tire of this size give you a better ride? I never try a ride with tire this big and this massive. I get the point of not wanting goo running inside your tire, especially with the central inflation system who can compensate for a leaking tire. If you feel like it could you send me an email, I have some questions for you, on your experience in genral. Regard.


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