We are modifying the original M1078 boarding ladder for our primary habitat entry ladder.

  • We cut tangs to accommodate new mounting method.
  • Removed CARC paint from area to be welded.
  • Cut new end plates to cap off ladder mounting tangs.
  • Soda blasted old ball detent pin (pit pin) for use as ladder retention pin.
Cutting Ladder Tangs
Cutting Ladder Tangs
Removed CARC Paint
Removed CARC Paint

3 thoughts on “10/2/2016

  1. lots of clamps and welding, looking so good, do you have a finishing date deadline, or just when it is all done? Then do you have to have a “Warrant of Fitness” or COF as it is a larger vehicle?


    1. We decided to just work on it and make good steady progress. It will be done when it is done. We thought it would be more fun and relaxing that way.

      It’s registered and road legal now, but once it is fully turned into an RV it will have to go through some inspections and be re-registered. It’s actually a good thing; it will be a lot cheaper that way!


  2. You are making such progress! And my vocabulary is expanding so quickly, too! Now I know about argon gas, tangs, . . I’m really enjoying the Fox Odyssey.


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