• Fit checked roof rack
    • Took many measurements for mounting brackets
  • Rearranged tires in hangar space
    • We have a total of 10 tires now. We need to start thinking about getting rid of our old Goodyears.
  • Inquired about small, 1 piece shower
    • We are leaning toward using a regular RV bathtub and no shower
  • Evaluated local carpet options for various areas in cab
Preparing to Raise Roof Rack
Preparing to Raise Roof Rack
Lifting Roof Rack
Lifting Roof Rack

4 thoughts on “9/17/2016

  1. Hi Guys,
    First off thanks for posting about your build! Nice work so far.
    My wife and I are in the process of purchasing an M1078 from the Govplanet auction site. Did you pick yours up at a Base? I was told that we had to have a transport company deliver it since it wouldn’t have plates, registration etc. Any advice regarding the procurement process?
    Much thanks!


    1. Glad to hear you are getting an LMTV. We’ve been having a lot of fun working on ours. We actually got our truck from a private seller, and he got it from Govplanet. We had it shipped because it did not have registration. You will likely be in the same situation. I have heard of people driving them home from the base. It might depend on how lenient your state is, but here in California, you would probably be stopped at the state border crossing.

      If you already have one picked out and purchased, awesome, and congratulations. If you haven’t, we might have one recommendation. Ours is in great shape but has a lot of beige paint over the green paint. It’s quite a lot of work to clean up. They spray the beige paint over everything including wiring and plumbing. We really like our specific truck, but sometimes we wish we had gotten a green one. The green ones typically have unpainted wiring, hoses, and such. It’s a plus and minus thing, though. The trucks with more paint probably have less rust.


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