• Got argon refill for welding tank
  • Ordered cab hump carpet
  • Verified air tank part numbers
  • Looked at carpeting attach options for cab back wall
Cab Floor Carpet
Cab Floor Carpet

4 thoughts on “9/13/2016

  1. The carpet looks tailor made? And for the back wall, do you fix it on yourselves? Velcro/ Screw on? Have it permanent with something like carpet tacked runners? You have been so busy. I like the kitchen cupboards.


    1. The carpet is actually manufactured specifically for this truck. It’s a funny engine hump in the middle of the floor between the seats. The shape actually keeps it in place pretty well. The seat bolts also keep it positioned.

      The back wall of the truck is a flexible PVC sheet that is screwed to the steel truck body. We plan to take it out and bond carpet to it with silicone (we’ve done this same thing on other projects before with good results).

      We actually just got some carpet samples for the back wall. It’s probably going to be a rather generic, short, gray carpet. Hopefully it will help with sound a little bit, too.


  2. Is the argon for the air tanks–which are for shocks (like the inflatable “cushions” we added to our truck camper) or. . .? We’ve got a big old pickup truck with that vinyl kind of floor that just slides us and everything else crazily around. I’m with Jean (above)–I’m curious what you finally decide to use to attach your carpet and did you just buy some carpet remnant or have it made (where) like your carpet for the hump? I’m fascinated by your exciting endeavor and full of questions!


    1. Oops, we probably should have been clearer about the argon. We’ll edit the post for clarity. The argon is a refill for the Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welder that we used to weld the roof rack. We own the tank, so we just take it to get refilled.

      The carpet isn’t really carpet, and it is an odd rubbery texture. It’s relatively soft and grippy, though. Other than its unpleasant green color, it’s actually pretty nice. It only covers the engine hump between the seats. The floor in front and behind the seats will have regular carpet remnants.


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