• Researched habitat siding options
    • We are leaning toward making a 2″ x 2″ steel square tube welded frame, and bonding pre-painted aluminum sheet metal with Sikaflex.

4 thoughts on “9/11/2016

    1. We’re totally open to GFRP. We looked at several companies. It seems like one of the main benefits of GFRP/plywood is that you can get a seamless sheet for an entire hab side. From past experience, we’re not huge fans of plywood and gel coat for longevity. But the durability of the plywood is appealing.

      Any thoughts or recommendations? We’re still auditioning material options.


  1. How are you mounting habitat onto chassis frame? Have you considered aluminum framing? Have you researched VHB tape vs. Sika? Be VERY careful which Sika product you select and be sure to use all promoters and primers available – also application temperature is critical for many single and plural component Sika products (and VHB) – LMK re: mounting.



    1. Yup, we have reviewed a ton of mounting options. Before getting the truck, we looked at a lot of other vehicles. Some had the habs solid mounted to the frame, rubber isolated from the frame, and the classic Unimog 3-point kinematic mount. We’re still trying to figure out the best way to structurally interface with the frame in a way that lets everything flex appropriately. We’re still working on the truck, so we have a little time to figure out the hab mount. We’ll definitely post about it here. We’re assuming we’ll have to do a flexible mount, but curiously, we have a friend that directly hard mounted his hab to the LMTV frame and has zero problems with it.

      We actually did a VHB tape test a few weeks ago. That stuff is pretty impressive. We’re definitely open to using it if we think we can make nice flat interfaces.

      We’re also open to using aluminum for the frame, but steel is pretty nice to work with for frames. We are set up to TIG weld both materials. Do you have any experience that leads you to favor aluminum?


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