• Our new Michelin XZLs arrived. Thanks, Erik, for the help!
Michelin XZLs
Michelin XZLs

3 thoughts on “8/30/2016

    1. We compared all three of the normal options for the tires. The truck had Goodyears on it when we got it. At this point we have 4 Goodyears MVTs, 1 Michelin XML, and 5 Michelin XZLs. They seem to be all good tires. The Goodyears seem to be a much harder rubber. The XMLs are pretty aggressive tread. We thought we would give the XZLs a try. The main drawback of either of the Michelin tires are that they have a lower speed rating, but we think that will work fine for us. We don’t expect tires to last huge numbers of miles anyway, so we’ll have a chance to try out the others in the future if we choose. The XZLs have a nice flat profile, nice deep tread, and plenty of tread volume to wear away.


  1. Have recently begun following your build on here and Steel Soilders, as my better half and I are seriously consider building out expedition vehicle out of a number of different trucks as we speak. I am a documentary film maker and we are expecting to leave early next summer for a 3 year rtw documentary filming trip.

    Was wondering if you had ever discovered any further information on rear gearing or other methods to decrease RPM and increase MPG?


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