• Tire Date Codes
    • Spare 0710
    • Driver Front 4909
    • All others 1407
  • Retapped 5 bumper nut plates

For those who might not know, tire date codes are 4 digit numbers on tires. The first 2 digits are the week of the year the tire was manufactured and the last 2 digits are the year the tire was manufactured.

Nut Plate Before
Nut Plate Before
Retapping Nut Plate
Retapping Nut Plate
Nut Plate After
Nut Plate After

4 thoughts on “8/18/2016

  1. Michael, Thanks for detailing all the work you are doing. I have a m1079 and I’m working on making a camper on the back. I would like help you with adjusting your doors. The hinges are bent and need to be bent back into place. You can contact me at rlpace@msn.com if you want. Thanks again. Rocky


  2. Just found your site and it is really awesome. I have been eyeing the lmtv 1079 a1 van for several months as our next overland rig. It seems about the perfect 4×4 vehicle for extended travel with kids that is available to us in the states. I just have to convince my wife this! My wife and I completed a 2 year drive from Wyoming to Argentina in a tacoma with pop camper. We have since created 2 kiddos and need a bigger set up for our weekend trips and future long term asia trip in 5 years.
    I am excited to watch your progress and hopefully turn my wife on to this truck! Enjoy and keep up the good work!


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