Roof Rack Design

While we are continuing to strip down the truck, refurbish parts, and move toward getting the frame and cab painted, we are also trying to consider what modifications we would like to do to the frame and cab prior to painting. One large item we would like to design, fabricate, and fit prior to painting the cab is the integrated roof rack.

Roof Rack Design
Roof Rack Design

Our roof rack design will integrate side ladders to mount to the tops of the forward fenders. We think that along with helping load / unload items from the roof rack that the ladders will also be a nice visual “bump” or transition from the cab width to the wider width of the hab.


8 thoughts on “Roof Rack Design

  1. Can it slide out, or over, and give you a canopy? Or will you have an extension like motor homes have, a pull out on a cantilevered frame? This is looking like so much progress every week .I like the ladders.


  2. Great design. There is one on Pintrest that was done on a expedition vehicle that also ties in the front for additional lighting. I am thinking of doing something similiar. Have a builder in Phoenix that does these that wants to build mine. Such a great project for the both of you. Keep up the excellent work and posting. I look forward to all your posts.


    1. We want to get the roof rack fitted now before we do paint preparation, but we do want to add bars along the side of the windshield to protect the glass from branches. We have discussed incorporating other features on the front for lights and sand plates, but we plan to do that as an add on project later. We are going to add attachment points to the roof rack now for these features so that they seamlessly integrate later.


    1. Yeah, we really wanted ladders on both sides for ease of access to roof stowed items. We don’t plan on putting real heavy items up there as the rack will be tilting with the cab, but it should be perfect for bins of outdoor gear, kayaks, bikes, etc.


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