• Created design model of under hab tool box
  • Organized project storage area
  • Researched roof rack and ladder options
  • Ordered large air tank
  • Batteries charging in maintenance mode
  • Made steering wheel hub cover
  • Primed and painted reverse light
  • Created bolt order list
  • Modeled rear fender
  • Evaluated ways to mount jerry cans
  • Evaluated RV tub / showers
  • Finalized plan for front fender stiffener
  • Worked on design model of roof rack
Helper Cat is Helping... err... Sleeping
Helper Cat is Helping… err… Sleeping

One thought on “7/30/2016

  1. look at you at the grinder, where are your protective finger stalls? And the feline helper,maybe the most important of all. I have added your Fuchsia Fox to my blog list, and am wondering how long before anyone else notice it there at the side!!! Great machinery, so necessary, juts like a machine ( sewing that is).


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