• Bought paint
  • Compared paint colors
Paint Scheme Idea
Paint Scheme Idea – Image Made in Photoshop

Our main goal in painting the truck and developing a color scheme for our Expedition Vehicle is to make it look non-military and also not like a box delivery truck. We have debated the color scheme a lot, but we are pretty much settled on some variant of blue cab, white habitat, and black chassis. Accent colors are going to be silver and gray. We will probably add small blue features in a variety of places in the hab and system accessories. We are considering a blue stripe down the side of the hab. We will probably change minor details of this color schemeĀ along the way, but in order to make progress and start painting parts, this is the base plan moving forward.


4 thoughts on “7/22/2016

  1. Have you thought about what you are going to use for the Habitat living quarters? I ended up purchasing an ambulance box this last weekend, and will gut the majority of the interior. They are very well constructed double wall boxes with spray foam installation. They are crash tested, and provide roll-over protection as well as being fully wired. Also offers drop down on the sides when set on the frame.


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