• Inspected throttle cable and injector pump assembly
  • Cleaned fuel injector pump
  • Researched TMs for throttle and throttle cable adjustment information

The truck has been running and driving great on our test drives around the airport. However, we have noticed that we’re not getting what we think is full throttle travel. Also, the accelerator pedal has quite a bit of friction and takes a bit of force to drive.

After doing a bunch of inspections, we have determined that the throttle cable likely needs lubricated and adjusted significantly. With the throttle pedal depressed to the floor, the throttle control lever on the engine fuel injection pump is only at about half throw. Not only does that misadjustment cause the engine to only go to half power, but there is also a throttle position cable (circled in blue) that tells the transmission the throttle position. When the throttle cable is out of adjustment, the transmission does not shift into the correct gears. The throttle cable is pretty easy to adjust by loosening the nut circled in red. We plan to work on this in the next few days.

Throttle Linkage on Injector Pump
Throttle Linkage on Injector Pump

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