• Evaluated upper kitchen cabinets
  • Painted kitchen cabinet test sample
  • Bored out rear shackles to fit stainless steel pin
  • Inspected fenders
Kitchen Cabinet Paint Test Sample
Kitchen Cabinet Paint Test Sample

Several years ago we rebuilt a 1943 GPW, and we would take a part off the vehicle and restore it. When the last part was restored, we had a room full of parts ready to be reassembled. The assembly of the ’43 was fast and fun because of that decision. (You can watch our video on Restoring a 1943 GPW on YouTube.)

We are approaching this project with that mentality: every time we take something off the truck, we are bringing it home, ordering new hardware (if appropriate), restoring, and creating a “kit” to put the item back on later. It always feels a little odd to be refurbishing something small, like a shackle, when there are bigger things to be done. The reality is that it all has to get done, and some nights it is satisfying to have something smaller to work on and finish.


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