• Inspected and measured kitchen cabinet
Kitchen Cabinet
Kitchen Cabinet

Our philosophy on this build is to try to do something every day on the project. We also aim to spend at least $500 a month on the project to keep it moving forward, which is based on previous experience doing build projects. It is easy to get stalled out and worried about making big item purchases, but we have found that when we re-frame the goal to spend money to keep momentum going, then we are excited about buying items for the project and less fearful of making the wrong decision.

In this case, we are concurrently designing our hab that will be built on the back of the M1078 LMTV and at the same time we are working on the truck. One of the early goals of working on the truck was to identify essential items that had to be replaced, like the forward drive shaft, or fixed, like the leaking passenger front tire. Now we are focusing on removing systems from the truck that we do not need or choosing to relocate them, like the spare tire crane. For us, we find it to be desirable to make our hab as integrated with the cab as possible, so removing the spare tire crane allowed us to design our hab to push forward to the cab on the passenger side, which might facilitate a cab passthrough in the future as well. We will be relocating the spare tire to the back of the hab, which will also add weight to the back (the cab is heavy compared to the hab, so this is also desirable for us).

As we are making these system changes to the truck, we are updating our design model for the hab and refining our floor plan. It might seem a little premature, but this past weekend, we decided to make some purchases to help us refine our hab design and we purchased the main upper and lower cabinets for the kitchen. We will be working in the upcoming weeks to assemble the cabinets, modify them, and reinforce them so that they will be ready to install when the time comes.


2 thoughts on “7/7/2016

  1. Spending /at least/ some amount of money each month- that really does sound like a fun way to approach a project. Great idea!


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