• Ordered kitchen cabinets
  • Ordered grab rail
  • Cut up and disposed tire crane
  • Silicone grout tile test
    • DAP Kwik Seal Ultra Easy Clean
  • Ordered sand blast tip for pressure washer and walnut shell blast media
  • McMaster order
  • Ordered kitchen tile (sample shown below is correct size but not the color we ordered)
Silicone Grout Tile Test
Silicone Grout Tile Test

3 thoughts on “7/4/2016

  1. We are on parallel courses with our LMTV’s. I’d love to see how your living unit is layed out. I plan on diesel powered everything as propane is not always available in some places.

    George in Nevada.,


    1. Hi George,

      We are still playing with a lot of options on the floor plan, but we think we have a general idea of the layout. We are planning on doing a blog post soon with some details on the floor plan.

      We plan on doing a diesel heater. We’re not sure what fuel we want for our hot water heater, yet. We’ve decided we do want an oven/range combo, so that will probably drive us to propane for the stove. We like the idea of using diesel as much as possible, though.



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